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See. Scan. Engage.

documobi's ‘Intelligent Print Recognition’ (IPR™) makes every brand exposure an opportunity. Now anything printed, already or in the future, is able to connect a smartphone user directly to your brand, via the mobile-optimised web.

Packaging, POS, advertising, even vehicle livery or clothing can deliver a unique customer experience of rich content, product information, or special offers and discounts; using simple factors like current location and time, or more complex, user-specifics such as demographics, known preferences and purchasing behaviour.

Using documobi customers don't just connect, they engage. Interacting with your brand, on their terms, provides valuable insight and creates up selling and cross selling opportunities, engendering loyalty and "stickier" more profitable relationships.

How it works...


Every incidence of your brand offers an unrivaled opportunity for dialogue. At home, in the street or instore - whatever the medium, wherever its location. And, unlike "push" notifications, these are all on the customer's terms, if and when he chooses.


Using documobi's technology seamlessly integrated into your own app, the smartphone's camera scans and recognises the collateral, its location, and, critically, the customer. This allows you to deliver unique, compelling and relevant content and offers in real-time.


The consumer is rewarded with an experience that satisfies his specific needs, while his reaction to it triggers additional, appropriate content.

Data from this and all future interactions helps build a unique customer "footprint" which, constantly updated in real time, informs and tailors future promotions.


  1. download the iPR app on your Apple or Android device
  2. download the example PDF and scan on-screen

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